Video Gaston Mercier … A foot in the stirrup of tradition, one foot to that of modernity!

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30 years that we advance at our step in the equestrian landscape …

Innovate while relying on tradition is our trademark. We are the inventors of the saddle of color, in symbiosis with the approach of leisure of riding.

Gaston Mercier, a native of Aveyron was a horse breeder, a professional rider from the 70’s, a hiker guide, then a high-level competitor for 15 years in the endurance equestrian sport (champion of France, twice champion of Europe consecutively in 1987 and 1989). Passionate about the harness and the material that is leather, he collects and dissects saddles and old materials, he is nonetheless curious about composite materials of avant-garde and their possibility of adaptation.

Observer and inspired by the great masters of riding and the users of the horse “service”, and not hesitating to shake up the received ideas, he develops his first prototypes from the beginning of the eighties thus making completely evolve the DNA of the saddle and also rethinking the entire range of accessories.

A saddle positioned above the 13th dorsal of the horse

Released “of leather” in 1983, the first saddle was imagined and created by Gaston Mercier for his personal use, a saddle positioned above the 13th dorsal horse – the best possible place. After several thousand kilometers of tests, the first series will be marketed in 1987 under manufacturing license. In 1998, the current company and the workshop are first created on several sites then are repatriated to Séverac-le-Château from 2000 to 2007, and finally to the family estate of Mas de Vinaigre since 2007.

In 2011, with 25 years of existence and relying on a family transmission that has been engaged for many years with his son Manuel, and thanks to the skills of a solid team of 15 people, the company has obtained two labels rewarding the application and seriousness put into the design and manufacture of the entire range, as well as the determination to maintain the entire production in France.

A secondary school completes the manufacturing in Mazamet in the neighboring Tarn where are refined and manufactured all the accessories Gaston Mercier, in the best know-how of upholstery-leather, French. Some fifteen people are now working on the production and marketing of the entire Gaston Mercier range.

An ideally positioned saddle, a saddle for your convenience, a saddle for all riders, a saddle in tune with your expectations: that’s all …

The Just Measure Gaston Mercier!