Cévennes hiking with Thierry Lhermitte and his new Gaston Mercier…

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Departure of the Causse de Blandas hiking at Cavalquinta

The Causse de Blandas is located south of Vigan in the Gard department. It is surrounded by the Cevennes, the Lingas massif, the Aigoual massif, the Gorges de la Vis, the Causse de Campestre, the Causse du Larzac, the Séranne massif and the Oiselette massif.

Suffice to say that Sophie and Robin de Cavalquinta, the organizers of the hike, enjoy an exceptional playground and totally adapted to horseback riding and outdoor activities.

Causse de Blandas Cavalquinta To film … difficult to find a more natural setting …

Thierry Lhermitte, Knight of the Commandery of Saint-Nectaire

Twice a year, the Knights of the Commandery of Saint-Nectaire criss-cross a region or department of France. Active member of this brotherhood, Thierry Lhermitte and his band of friends, with Stéphane Litas and Christophe Hercy of Cheval Pratique, are united by a double passion: that of the horse and that … of Saint-Nectaire. We tested and confirmed … Jean Pierre, the “TOP” steward of the Knights, made us taste a Saint Nectaire … to fall off horse …

A new Margeride for Thierry Lhermitte

Gaston Mercier, neighbor Aveyronnais, took advantage of the presence of Thierry Lhermitte, to come and settle his brand new Margeride. Thierry Lhermitte, confirmed rider, demanding, and follower of a horse riding turned mainly towards a more respectful use of the horse as well as a greater horse-rider harmony fully shares the philosophy of “La Juste Mesure” of Gaston Mercier. As such, and for some years now, he has been a “friendly partner” of the Gaston Mercier saddlery.

Team Gaston Mercier thanks the Cavalquinta team and the Knights of the Commandery of Saint-Nectaire for their warm welcome and … festive!

Cavalquinta is the specialist for hiking / horseback riding in the Cevennes

Horses of Cavalquinta are equipped with Gaston Mercier

Video of the Cevenole hiking with Thierry Lhermitte and his new Margeride