Portrait : Marc and Wivine “Ardeneus Synergistic Horse-riding”

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This month we offer you not 1 but 2 portraits of the brand’s followers. Marc and Wivine Ardeneus, united on a daily basis, both personally and professionally speaking! Indeed, this couple decided to unite their knowledge and passion for horses.

[PORTRAIT] Presentation of the “M&W Ardeneus Synergestic Horse-riding Team”Wivine and Marc

Focus :

Develop the connection & the harmonious balance of the pair for leisure, sport & competition, all disciplines included.

“Our proposal is to learn to look, feel and think about equestrian practice from a new perspective. “WW

Their mission is above all to offer their experience as :

Consultant-Instructor in Equine Development (Marc)

Hypnotherapist & Inspirer in Relational Connection (Wivine)

An original and inspiring sharing that will challenge your limits, allowing you to evolve towards a new era of horsemanship!

Avoid the appearance of a problem by understanding its origin, rather than suppressing its consequences.

To create openings of possibilities, opportunities never before explored in the deepest respect of the horse and the human being.

Marc takes care of the equine’s balance and connection to the human.

Wivine develops confidence and optimizes the human potential to better feel the horse.

Together, they harmonize the human & horse pair and guide them on the path of the Equestrian Just Measure…

What is your conception of the J.M.Eq. ?

“We see the Equestrian Just Measure when the two beings are balanced and confident. For that, it seems to us indissociable of a holistic development of the binomial. “WW

“This development combines a physical, emotional, mental and energetic change. The first communication tool we all have is body language, expressed through adapted and adjusted material. This is where I couldn’t do without Mercier and its know-how; its saddles are an unequalled asset, they offer the horse as well as the rider, the balance, the comfort, the accuracy and the practicality necessary in this quest for the J.M.Eq.” Marc

How does the J.M.Eq. mark an interesting reference for any rider?

“It is the key to understanding the equine." WW

“I like to establish a language that is known and understood by both parties. If humans have their own lexicon, horses have theirs (and believe me, it’s well refined!). It is then a question of creating a common one, fundamentally based on the equine one with the essential adjustments for its use by the human. “Marc

How do you feel in the J. M. Eq. on a daily basis?

“If the human being remains aware in all situations of his skills and his perfectible points, he is on the right path towards a notable improvement of the connection. If the horse remains at the center of the relationship and it is the human who makes the effort to be clear in order to be understood, a harmonious balance is then possible." Marc

“I invite riders to be authentic. Honesty is an essential virtue to create a true connection between two living beings, especially with our equine companions! They are transparent and their spontaneity is innate, hence the interest in remaining aware of our skills and our perfectible points in all circumstances to find this coveted J.M.Eq. ” WW

Marc&Wivine Ardeneus organisent pour vous, Formations professionnelles certifiées pour éducateurs équins et aspirants. Sémin’ères, stages & Conférences.