The concept

13th dorsal

The Gaston Mercier difference is first of all a unique saddle concept.

An ingenious saddle

That is so comfortable that the riders who adopt it cannot do without it. The Gaston Mercier saddle is positioned above the horse's 13th dorsal vertebra. It is the animal's balance point, the keystone of its spine. The best possible support.

It is important to know

That when a rider is riding, two-thirds of his weight automatically falls on the forehand of his horse. Moving the saddle forward, as has been the norm since the 20th century, only contributes to overloading the animal's shoulders.

The Gaston Mercier saddles favors weight distribution. It allows a better mobility of the thoraco-lumbar junction of the horse (for the lowering of the hips) and frees its shoulders. This increases the animal's motor skills and muscular relaxation. This newfound freedom facilitates the horse's exercises and allows the rider to feel the sensations more clearly.


The secret of the Gaston Mercier saddle lies in the tree.

the standard tree

On the saddle market, the so-called standard tree, made of glued laminated wood and metal, is calibrated for installation on the ninth dorsal and has a rather limited support surface.

In 1983, Gaston came up with a completely different concept. A less restrictive model for the horse, more comfortable for the rider. A connoisseur of equestrian history, he was inspired by the tradition of nomads on horseback, positioned above the 13th dorsal, but also by the academic equitation of General l'Hotte, who advocated moving the rider's weight back. 

Modern materials

Gaston then designed his own model of tree saddle for horses. Instead of wood, which is heavy and thick, he used Epoxy resin, carbon and fiberglass.

Modern materials that favor the lightness of the tree and the closest contact to the horse. It is this precursory model which constitutes the framework of the Gaston Mercier saddle. A concept that is obvious for all equestrian disciplines : trail riding, endurance, dressage or show jumping.


The Gaston Mercier Saddlery lets its imagination run wild! 

All the items in its catalog are unique and specific creations.

Stirrup leathers and fenders, ergonomic girths, carbon stirrups, numnahs and saddle pads, compression socks, luggage and bags, leather care kit... The Gaston Mercier range is growing every year.

For the models as for the materials, our saddlery is always keen to innovate. 

Multiply trial gallops which, thanks to your approval and your loyalty, become master gallops!


Once the model of your saddle has been selected by you and the size of the tree determined by our team of specialists, the manufacturing process can begin. Between the order and the delivery, it takes around 3 months. Afterwards, our teams work with the precision of a goldsmith and a high quality requirement in order to make a saddle that will belong only to you!

From the cutting of the leather to its trimming, from the sheathing to the sewing of each part and finally from the positioning of the stirrup leathers to the assembly of the saddle, a whole craft know-how presides over the realization of your saddle.