Portrait : Martial, faithful Gaston Mercier distributor in Belgium

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Every month, Gaston Mercier Sellier presents a portrait that is close to his heart, beautiful stories, atypical adventures, encounters… And this year we have chosen to present the people who work in the Saddlery, our little hands, without whom nothing would be possible!

This month, discover the portrait of Martial, collaborator of the Gaston Mercier saddlery for 23 years, breeder, rider and Belgian endurance champion. A remarkable experience at the service of your passion.

[Portrait in the form of a question/answer between Clemence (C.) and Martial (M.)]

C. Martial, can you introduce us to your position?

M. Gaston Mercier advisor and salesman, but with a different approach to the job of salesman as it is commonly understood! I would rather say: a passionate person at the service of passionate people …

C. What was your training to do this job and why did you go into this type of position?

M. It was not a profession that I chose but my passion that led me to approach a saddler and my choice was simply to go for what I considered to be the best in this field: for me, GM saddles are to riding what Porsche is to cars: quality, reliability and the sportiness that can be found in every product from the saddlery.

C. How long have you been in the business and how long have you been part of the saddlery?

M. At first, I was in charge of a sports shop, where I opened a riding department. As this became more and more important, my intensive outdoor riding led me to start advising and selling GM saddles. I have been working for the saddlery for 23 years.

C. What are the advantages and disadvantages of your job?

M. The “plus” lies in the fact that I work with a team of enthusiasts who are constantly looking for innovation, which allows me to overlook the “little” minus.

C. Do you like horses and do you ride?

M. As a rider and competitor in endurance, I live permanently in the middle of my horses by breeding and training Arabian thoroughbreds. In 2017 I was Belgian Endurance Champion and this year I won the Belgian Cup and the LEWB Championship (Ligue d’Equitation Wallonie Bruxelles).

C. How would you describe yourself in everyday life?

M. I describe myself as passionate and demanding of myself.

C. If you had some advice to give to people who want to do the same job as you, what would it be?

M. To be a passionate rider and not a “merchant” of saddles, or else move towards selling “simpler” products. To listen to customers (riders) to help them find the best for their horses and themselves and to continue to follow and advise them once the saddle has been sold.

Martial seen by Manuel : ” Martial Richelle is one of the most constant and faithful salesmen but also user of the Gaston Mercier Saddlery. Even after a busy life, he continues to accompany our customers in their choice of saddles with the same passion and loyalty.