The Doline II saddle at the heart of the Human & Horse Academy

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The Human & Horse Academy and the saddlery Gaston Mercier … an inevitable encounter!

Despite the distance and the language barrier, the Human & Horse Academy and the saddlery Gaston Mercier share the same philosophy, that of “The Fair Equestrian Measure” with a more respectful use of the horse and a greater horse-rider harmony …

The Human & Horse Academy a magnificent equestrian and hotel complex

A former horse stable located 40 minutes north of Amsterdam, the Human & Horse Academy is an equestrian and hotel complex dedicated to the well-being of riders / horses in the pure equestrian tradition of Holland.

The equestrian infrastructures (2 quarries – round of loin – walker – stable) and the environment are magnificent. The academy is at the gateway to the Oostvaarderplassen Nature Reserve, the cradle of endurance in the Netherlands with more than 300 km of trails and paths through the forest.

The academy, run by Greetje Hakvoort and her husband Arien, welcomes riders from all walks of life for private lessons, re-education, care and training all year round.

Greetje Hakvoort Fan of the Doline II

Owner of two custom-made Doline IIs for a few months, Greetje uses them every day in his dressage sessions with Bongo and Nevada.

Saddle designed primarily for training, the front cleats of the Doline II have been slightly removed and thus fix the leg in a more vertical position and more “down”. With its long quilted quarters and deep seat, the Doline II has been designed to promote your verticality without blocking you.

Thanks to the lightness of its carbon tree, the Doline II will put you closer to your horse.

The Plus of Doline II

The Doline II, it is the perfect synthesis for the amateurs of dressage in the respect of the locomotion of the horse.

  • Ideally positioned for training without blocking the pelvis
  • Improves and promotes your verticality
  • Proximity with your horse thanks to the calfskin lining on the saddle and its sporty pommel
  • Keeping your leg free
  • Unlocks the horse in his shoulders and tourniquet
  • Allows you to find the natural pace of your horse
  • Unparalleled lightness for a saddle dressage

Want to spend a different weekend in an exceptional setting while trying a Doline II?

Greetje and Arien Hakvoor will welcome you with kindness and professionalism … as we have been !!


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