Tartare Pad by Gaston Mercier, your daily ally!

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Tartare bareback pad by Gaston Mercier :

TheTartare pad Gaston Mercier has been designed to allow the best possible grip of your seat when riding “bareback” with a girth providing optimal comfort to your horse. More freedom and contact, it is the best alternative to the saddle and can even be used as an educational rug for your horse.

  • Untrimmed pad to avoid pressure on the withers
  • Leather seat with memory foam for better seating
  • Safety handle
  • Front cleats to support the thigh and ensure better support at all gaits
  • Low V-shaped girth for better comfort of the horse

Part in contact with the horse 
Le Sympamousse, testé depuis 30 ans par Gaston Mercier en personne, cette mousse alvéolée et aérée favorise l’évacuation de la sueur. Il doit se nettoyer régulièrement à l’eau mais sèche immédiatement, ce qui permet une utilisation intensive.

Intermediate part
Water-repellent foam for maximum moisture wicking

External part
Leather and Batyline, a highly breathable fabric, resistant to tears, UV and extreme temperatures.

Customer feedback :

Before becoming the number one partner of GM Saddlery,  Ludovic Fournet is above all one of our most loyal customers. So it seemed obvious to us that he should be the one to present it to you.

From a breaking-in aid to a real alternative to the saddle, the bareback riding pad seduces Ludovic on all points. I let you discover just below, how Ludo made it his daily ally.