Portrait : Monika, Service and Shipping Manager, Swiss Knife of the Saddlery

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Every month, Gaston Mercier Sellier presents a portrait that is close to his heart, beautiful stories, atypical adventures, encounters… And this year we have chosen to present the people who work in the Saddlery, our little hands, without whom nothing would be possible!

This month, discover the portrait of Monika, shipping and after-sales service manager.

In the office or in the workshop, Monika is the Swiss Army knife of the Gaston Mercier Saddlery.

[Portrait in the form of a question/answer between Clemence (C.) and Monika (M.)]

C. Monika, can you tell us about your job?

M. My job is based on 3 pillars:

– Shipping: with this department I am in charge of the logistics part of the company, stock management but also quality control of the products and the work done by the people in the workshop.

– Production: the production part allows me to be in contact with the various suppliers (e.g. ordering raw materials), with customers (e.g. product advice) and above all with our workshop (e.g. managing schedules).

– After-sales service: receiving and processing requests, providing support and advice, and finding the best solutions for our customers are the different points that make up after-sales service.

To sum up, my job is very varied, I deal with different tasks every day and that’s what makes my day-to-day life so rich.

C. What degree did you do to do this job and why did you decide to do it?

M. I am basically a dressmaker, I had a sewing CAP with the option of making women’s clothes after 3 years of study in Poland. I went into this profession because I like to make things, I like to produce things and it’s satisfying to see the finished product. The contact with leather attracted me a lot and the fact that the product was related to horses was a big plus because I have known this environment since I was a child. Thanks to his knowledge, I was able to integrate quickly by understanding the concept of the brand and the customers’ expectations.

C. How long have you been in the business and how long have you been part of the saddlery?

M. I joined the Saddlery in 2005 as a seamstress, it was my first job after my degree in this sector. In 2009 I moved on according to the needs of the company and now I am in my current position. I have been working for the Gaston Mercier Saddlery for 16 years now.

C. Can you name the advantages and disadvantages of your job?

M. The teamwork, the satisfaction of the finished product, the feedback from the customers but also the freedom to make decisions. This autonomy and the diversity of my days make my daily work a job in which I feel like myself. However, there are some less pleasant aspects, such as dealing with various conflicts between customers and/or production, coping with the stress of delays and/or problems in production and meeting deadlines, but these few disadvantages are also part of the job as a whole.


C. Do you like horses and do you ride?

M. Yes, I love horses, I grew up around horses, we had work horses at home for the land. So I have a special bond with these animals. When I arrived at the Saddlery I discovered the sport horse with a completely different approach but with the same love. After that I started riding and I haven’t stopped since.


C. How would you describe yourself in everyday life?

M. In everyday life I am a rather reserved, shy and independent person. I like to discover, I am open and resourceful, helping others and working in a team motivates me but solitude suits me perfectly.


C. If you had some advice to give to people who want to do the same job as you, what would it be?

M. To be rigorous, careful and to listen. You have to remain curious and not be afraid to dare. Luck doesn’t come by itself, you have to look for it and try everything to avoid regretting anything.

Monika seen by Said: “I have known Monika since she started in the company, from her position as a seamstress to her current position, she has always known how to remain simple and humble, it is a real pleasure to work with her every day.”