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What owner hasn't dreamed of traveling with his horse to discover new horizons?
And yet, in practice, very few riders realize this dream...

When you're an owner, you know that it's very difficult to join a riding group with your own horse, and that it's just as complex to train to go off without a guide. As a result, riders either set off on their own in conditions that can prove dangerous, or simply write off their dream.

At J.L. Trekking Concept, we have created treks especially for owner-riders who want to set off on an adventure with their own horse over several days, while training them according to their needs (how to plot an itinerary, read a map, find their way with a compass, react in the event of an unforeseen problem, carry out emergency care, pack their bags, get to grips with the terrain, etc.).

To enable them to prepare as well as possible, so that they can set off serenely and in the best possible conditions, we even meet up with them a few weeks before the big day with a video training session on "Technical, physical and mental preparation of the rider/horse pair", a time which also enables the whole group to meet up.

The Trekking Concept team is made up of Julie, Equestrian tourism guide Equestre, who is the guide on each tour, and Lorène (Andy Booth training), who handles all enquiries/registrations and manages our social networks. This means that there are two of us on each ride, so that we can offer each rider and his or her horse the best possible support.

We only organize two tours a year, one in spring and the other in late summer/early autumn. We also change destination each time. This spring, we did 6 days in the Morvan and we'll soon be leaving for 4 days in the Ecrins from September 14 to 17.

The "Massif des Ecrins" hike is a real postcard setting, with breathtaking scenery. We start from Bourg d'Oisans at 720m and climb to an altitude of 2,468m, crossing the Plateau d'Emparis, compared to Mongolia for its wild steppe landscapes, the Alpe d'Huez ski area, high altitude lakes and some of the most beautiful villages in France. We had already done the Ecrins last year, and in view of the popularity of this destination, we are exceptionally offering it again this year.

As far as level is concerned, we simply ask riders to be comfortable with all three gaits outdoors. As for the horse, whether it's young or old, thoroughbred or more of a heavy horse/draught horse, a great athlete or more of a Sunday stroller, everything is possible! Get ready to rediscover your horse!

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