Interview : Laurence Baty, photographer and fan of the Gaston Mercier brand

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Intro: Laurence Baty, a Gaston Mercier customer for several years now, tells us about her "story" and her passions...

[Interview between Clémence (C.) and Laurence (L.)]

C. Laurence, could you briefly introduce yourself and summarize your career path?

L.  After completing my photography studies, professional life led me to archaeological photography. A turning point in my life led me in the direction of artistic equine photography, the only activity I've been practicing for the past 8 years..

C. Why did you choose photography with a specialization in horses?

L. A few years ago, life offered me the chance to meet an incredible little mare, and with her, my desire to capture moments of complicity between a woman and her horse took hold.

C. Can you tell us more about your work as a photographer?

L. For several years, I met women who wanted to take part in photographic sessions with their horses. From these incredible moments of complicity was born the book "Instants Suspendus". This first self-published book is dedicated to horses. It will be sold to raise funds for horse shelters, a cause very close to my heart. 

C. How did you hear about Gaston Mercier Saddlery and why did you choose us to accompany you on your rides?

L. I was introduced to Gaston Mercier products by a member of my family who is also a rider. They've been accompanying me on great rides for several years now. The products offered by the brand are perfectly adapted to my expectations and meet my needs in every respect, whether for the comfort of the rider/horse pair or for aesthetics.

C. On numerous occasions, you've made Gaston Mercier equipment stand out from the crowd. In your opinion, what are the strong points of our products?

L. Comfort, customization and lightness are my strong points. The saddles are comfortable and light. They allow me to adopt a natural upright position and the horse's shoulder is free. Very well adapted, even on a heavy horse. My favorite is the Margeride model, which combines comfort and minimalism. What's more, I appreciate the closeness it brings to my horse. The bags are practical and attractive. The Spahis saddlebags allow me to carry photo equipment in complete safety.

C. What would you say to someone interested in our brand?

L. I'd tell anyone interested in your brand not to hesitate to contact you, as contact with the team is easy and efficient. When you buy a saddle online, you may have questions about shipping, the suitability of the saddle... but the Gaston Mercier team answers all your questions and follows up to ensure that the saddle fits your horse's back. 
Expertise in a wide range of disciplines and horse types.

C. To conclude this interview, do you have any professional projects in mind for the future that you'd like to share with us?

L. I have no shortage of photographic projects, and horses continue to inspire me. I also aspire to open up to other forms of art, always taking horses as my inspiration.

Extract from her website : "Childhood transported me to the heart of a benevolent equine world. A child's gaze full of mist that lifts when my pony comes to warm my heart".