Florac 2.0, the winner’s saddle

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At the end of this year we decided to honor a Gaston Mercier product and more precisely one of our saddle models. A saddle which, throughout this season of endurance 2021/2022, was illustrated on the highest steps of the podiums. In total, it has won no less than 12 races and many other great rankings around the world.

The Florac 2.0 saddle

The Florac 2.0 is the sportiest and lightest (2 kg) of our endurance saddles.

It is the result of the search for balance of the rider/horse couple. The rider can alternate effortlessly between sitting and balancing, which favors the distribution of support points on the horse’s back, without overloading its forehand.

The Florac 2.0 is made of double-tanned full grain leather and also perforated leather for optimal evacuation of perspiration. The panels of the Florac 2.0 are made of 3D fabric, more airy, supple and comfortable.

The exclusive carbon tree gives it lightness, finesse and precision to be as close as possible to the horse and reduce the impact of the rider in the functioning of its natural mechanics.

The Florac 2.0 harmonizes efforts and reduces fatigue even after 160 km.

Here is the list and the pictures of the 12 winners, faithful users of the Florac 2.0 by Gaston Mercier :

Photo 1 : Marion Wasilewski and Taiga d’Argane, CEI3* 160km Florac 2021 (France)

Photo 2 : Justin Mourou and Dragueuz D Pacouli AA, CEI3* 2x90km Santa Sussana (Spain)

Photo 3 : Julia Serrabassa Batalla and Canelle du Castel, CEIYJ1* 100km Raid Hipic Vic-Osana (Spain)

Photo 4 : Paula Curto Mañosa and Victoriano de Trots 75, CEI1* 100km Raid Hipic Vic-Osana and the CEI2* 120km XI Raid de Tordera with Americano (Spain)

Photo 5 : Justin Mourou and Dragueuz D Pacouli AA, CEI3* 160km Florac 2022 (France)

Photo 6 et 7 : Matthew Sample and Stirling’s Thor, ARB Caboolture Murrumba Magic 81km (Australia) and the MWT & BC in the AERA 120km ride, Bremervale Justice Challenge 2 (Australia)

Photo 8 : Romana Grubmüller and Ro Othar, CEI3* 160km Danubia Cup (Slovaquia)

Photo 9 : Abdulrahman Mohammed Alzayed and Dahess del Falot, CEI3* 160km Fontainebleau (France)

Photo 10 : Pablo Tomas and Shaailan’al Hfifa, CEIYJ2* 120km Fontainebleau (France)

Photo 11 : César Donnais and Be Goode, CEI2* 120km Fontainebleau (France)

Photo 12 : Julia Pavlenko and Leonid, CEN2* 120km KFH Guerin (Russia)

Are you interested in the Florac 2.0 ?

The Gaston Mercier Saddlery offers you the possibility to try before you buy, which is the case with all our other models!

So let yourself be tempted and contact us at : 05 65 47 60 98
or by mail at : commercial@gaston-mercier.com