Bi-Relax Carbon Stirrups Gaston Mercier: crash test by the Horsyklop Blog !!

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Press review Blog Horsyklop: Bi Relax stirrups by Gaston Mercier

Gaston Mercier has designed a caliper very well thought out that it is for the equestrian excursion like extreme endurance. We already knew the first stirrups, which I had the opportunity to have on my first 90km endurance (and I can tell you that having such a long floor that you do well on 3 loops 30km!). We appreciated them already! But they were heavy … and clearly, support was not ideal.

So the bi-relax calipers are born. There are 2 versions, an Alu version and a carbon version. We will therefore focus on the case of carbon stirrups (even if the Alu have a similar geometry) since these are the ones we have. For a weight of 600g as tell you we are in the “ultra light”.

“They’re just great, the support is much more valuable than the” standard “stirrups and I manage to make long minutes of trotting in balance much more easily than before.”