“1000 km on horseback” on a saddle Gaston Mercier with Julie Raynaud and Equidia

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“A good horse, a good saddle … I felt like I could ride a horse …”

This beautiful story began at the beginning of the year, when Lauranne Billot, from Equidia’s production, contacted Manuel Mercier for a partnership on the set of season 2 of “1000 KM à Cheval”.

The nature of the project, “traveling” over 1000 km, in total adequacy with the saddles and the equipment manufactured by the saddlery, as well as the success of the season 1, immediately seduced Manuel who gave a very fast

Equidia proposed to equip a horse of the technical team, we finally equipped three, including the mare of Julie Raynaud, Bourgine, a pretty Camargue 6 years old, which has now become inseparable from his Margeride “Red Café”.

The whole team of the upholstery was totally involved in the project. It’s Olivier Gradwohl, our five-time TREC World Champion, customer advisor upholstery and equestrian activities at Gaston Mercier, who managed the preparation and delivery of equipment in the Tarn. Then he had to measure, adjust, adapt the saddles and all the equipment to the small sizes of the three Camargue horses.

Then it is Géraldine Sellerie Gaston Mercier who took the lead, direction Ossès in the Basque Country, Stables Eugene, starting point of the 1000 KM Horse. On the spot, she pampered everyone: horses and production team. After several sessions of fittings and adjustments; the three Camargue horses were fully equipped with Gaston Mercier.

Bourgine, the mare of Julie Raynaud, is a Camargue from the breeding of Barraban

Contract filled with Equidia … Now it was up to them to play!

And then, finally we said, “What if …? and if we went to welcome them to the Saintes Maries de la Mer? We were all curious to know how the trip had gone, how the horses reacted with their equipment, how the riders felt after 1000 km on a saddle Gaston Mercier. In short, we had a lot of questions to ask them … so we embarked Erick, our accomplice cameraman and we went to Saintes Maries to ask them all our questions …

Here are their impressions …

Interview with Julie Raynaud, Cécile Foucher and Mathieu Parret of the Equidia production team, with … in “Guest-star”, Lorenzo“The Flying Rider” … for once, comfortably installed in a saddle … Gaston Mercier