How to position your saddle Gaston Mercier ?

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The Gaston Mercier difference is first and foremost a unique saddle concept in the world.

The saddle Gaston Mercier positions you above the 13th dorsal of the horse.

This is the equilibrium point of the animal, the keystone of its spine and the best possible support. Note that when a rider rides a horse, two-thirds of his weight automatically weighs on the forehand of his horse. Advancing the saddle, as it has become widespread since the twentieth century, only helps to overload the shoulders of the animal a little more.

The saddle Gaston Mercier favors the distribution of weight. It allows a better mobility of the thoracic-lumbar junction of the horse (for the lowering of the hips) and releases his shoulders. This increases the motor skills and muscle relaxation of the animal.

This newfound freedom facilitates the exercises of the horse and reflects on the feelings of the rider.


The position of your saddle on the back of your horse is defined by 3 marks:

1 – The strap must pass to one hand elbows not to hurt it.

2 –  The shoulder must be free in its movement. In its hollow, it must limit the advance of the saddle on the withers.

3 –  The kidney should not be under any pressure.