Etriers Bi-relax Alu
  • Etriers Bi-relax Alu
  • Etriers Bi-relax Alu
  • Etriers Bi-relax Alu
  • Etriers Bi-relax Alu
  • Etriers Bi-relax Alu
  • Etriers Bi-relax Alu
  • Etriers Bi-relax Alu
  • Etriers Bi-relax Alu
  • Etriers Bi-relax Alu

Bi-Relax Carbon Stirrup


Hi-tech stirrup, the Bi-relax Carbon is the competition version of Bi-relax Alu. With a weight of 600 gr, it is the lightest stirrups pair on the market.

A patented model, this stirrup has been the subject of five years of research and reflection with foot specialists, orthopedists and orthotists and riders.

The distribution of your body weight on the two points of support dressed in flexible foam and anti-slip, relieve the metatarsophalangeal joint and support the arch, recreating the pump effect (walking) promoting blood reflux this which will prevent you cramps and aches.

The 2 axes favor the dosage of the supports to give you a better stability, while keeping the damper role of your ankle. 

Allow 8 weeks to create your gear


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    Highlights of the Stirrups Bi-relax Carbon

  • Lightness
  • Adapted to the competition
  • The end of cramps and body aches
  • Favor the balancing
  • Allow control of the supports
  • comfortable
  • Stables
  • Slip
  • Damping
  • Reassuring
  • Relaxation of the leg
  • Favored blood reflux
  • Stainless
  • Lightweight and very resistant materials

Technical specifications and materials used

  • Average weight of the pair: 600 gr
  • An eye parallel to the horse to naturally guide the caliper ready to be shod.
  • Supports with soft, non-slip foam
  • Branches made of carbon composite
  • Screws and rivets made of stainless steel

Possible customizations

  • 3 adjustable sizes - spacings of the axes according to your size and the desired position: 13 cm - 10 cm - 7 cm *

    * Carbon axles can be unscrewed with a simple Allen key (6-point - diameter 5)

Possible options

  • Double-tan full grain leather hulls. The hulls for Bi-relax Carbon stirrups comply with endurance regulations and allow you to ride with shoes without heels safely.
  • 11 colors of leather for the hulls: Walnut - Ibérico - Sunflower - Black - Green - Red - Coffee - Havana - Blue

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