Ergonomic Halter bridle
  • Ergonomic Halter bridle
  • Bridon-Licol D'Bride
  • Ergonomic Halter bridle
  • Bridon-Licol D'Bride
  • Bridon-Licol D'Bride
  • Bridon-Licol D'Bride
  • Bridon-Licol D'Bride

Ergonomic Halter bridle


Ergonomic bridle 2 in 1 which easily turns into a halter.

The Halter Bridle Gaston Mercier is ideal outdoors. It allows you to retract the snaffle bit with two carabiners on the uprights, without changing harness.

Size guide

Bridle size
Perforated Leather Colour : Black
Colour leather yokes : Black
Browband Size

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The headrest, with an ergonomic shape, allows a better distribution of the contact surface and pressures. It releases the first cervical of your horse from all constraints and exaggerated tensions thus.

The amounts of the halter bridle covered with perforated leather are doubled in Biothane to guarantee you solidity foolproof.

The head and forehead are, for the part in contact with your horse, lined with our Comfort Line material (3D jacquard fabric). This material hypoallergenic allows to evacuate more easily the perspiration, to offer a soft contact with your horse and to lighten considerably the weight of the halter bridle.

  Highlights of the Ergonomic Halter Bridle 

  • its versatility bridle and halter
  • Its ergonomics
  • Its lightness
  • Its solidity
  • Facilitates the evacuation of perspiration
  • Easy to maintain
  • Offers a soft touch for the horse part
  • Colorful design

Technical specifications

  • Average weight: 600 gr
  • Perforated leather headrest lined with Comfort Line
  • Thin perforated leather frontal lined with Comfort Line
  • Perforated leather uprights lined with Biothane
  • Biothane fasteners
  • Stainless steel buckles

Possible customizations

  • 2 sizes: M - L
  • 7 Choice of colors

Possible options

  • Reins: see HERE or Accessories tab
  • Custom manufacturing on quote: Size - Color

Used materials

  • Full grain leather double tanning
  • Perforated leather
  • Biothane
  • Stainless steel buckles
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